19 Nov 2014 - Celebrate the 100th birthday of the bra with Lady Bella Lingerie!

A century of seduction: the bra celebrates its first hundred years.

Patented by heiress Mary Phelps Jacob, the bra radically changed the way in which women dress. Prior to its invention, they were forced to put up with uncomfortable and painful devices like corsets and whalebone.

In the words of Mary Phelps Jacob: "I can’t say the bra will change the world as much as my forefather’s steamboat, but almost!”
Mary Phelps Jacob designed the backless brassiere to reduce women’s discomfort without compromising on feminine beauty, giving rise to a brand new era thanks to the first ergonomically shaped bra which sculpted the body without constriction.

Since then, a century has passed. The bra has come a long way since then, having gone through many transformations over the years!

Celebrate the bra’s 100th birthday with Lady Bella Lingerie, discover the latest Lady Bella Lingerie collection and choose the perfect bra for you.
For more than 30 years, Lady Bella Lingerie has dressed women with a huge range of items to satisfy every need. Choose your ideal model from the seleciton of offer.
Lady Bella Lingerie offers a vast range of products: comfortable and versatile, essential classics, innovative and refined, seductive and alluring bras.

Celebrate the birthday of the bra with Lady Bella Lingerie


30 Nov 2014 - Discover the "Secret" of Lady Bella Lingerie

Secret offers a range of girdles that gently remodel your body by using a powerful containing action.

Thanks to the high-quality fabric with perfect wearability and high Lycra content, Secret models your curves with targeted actions for the stomach, bum, hips and legs.

Chose the Secret model right for you and remodel your silhouette!

Secret is invisible under the clothes, and it features no constricting stitching...for an unrivalled comfort.

Who said that you need to suffer to make an impression?

With Secret  your secret will be safe. Take Lady Bella Lingerie's word for it!


15 Oct 2014 - Performance, a timeless classic

A series of articles linked to the tradition of Lady Bella Lingerie who have been dressing the most demanding women for more than 20 years.

The inimitable combination of modelling techniques and containing materials guarantee the maximum support and comfort.

Those who have tried the Performance P2701 bra have never abandoned it.
The Performance bra guarantees a secure, decisive and elegant hold that follows the classic shape of the breast.

The girdles P0370 and P0372 also complete the Performance range offering comfort and containment at the same time.

Performance: quality and fit at your service!


01 Oct 2014 - Romantica: The Lady Bella Lingerie lace bra for timeless elegance

Elegant and sophisticated: this is Romantica"

The "Bellissimi" category is enriched by a new range of ideal products for women who want to feel special and elegant every day.

Soft padded cups, perfect wearability and exquisite lace are expertly blended to create unique pieces...for a dream experience!

Discover Romantica and get in touch with the Lady Bella Lingerie offices to find out your nearest retailer.


15 Sep 2014 - Lady Bella Lingerie from today on line!

An online portal to discover all the available items and be informed promptly and completely regarding all the news and proposals of Lady Bella Lingerie.

What are you waiting for to enter the world of Lady Bella Lingerie?

You can discover sections dedicated to items branded Lady Bella Lingerie  with detailed information and images in high definition, continuously updated news, contacts and authorized dealers.

This and much more from today on line!