Precast concrete docks
Wreck on 211
Rancilio 40100096
Recent Posts. ZoneMinder Release 1.34.5: My Friend Of Misery. February 26, 2020. ZoneMinder Release 1.34.4: My Friend Of Misery. February 24, 2020. ZoneMinder Release ...ZoneMinder is a video camera security and surveillance solution. It can be used for theft prevention or simple home monitoring. This project has been in the back of my mind for a long time but I did not see any practical use for this until the recent thefts in the neighbourhood. Last month I posted about my Linux Surveillance Camera Software Evaluation and my plans for turning some Amcrest IP cameras into a home security system. I’ve made a lot of progress and some big changes since then and decided that I had better post an update before the effort of doing so becomes overwhelming.